Fluid Calipers

A fluid caliper is a survey to pre-determine the volume requirements for any selective cementing job. We will give you accurate information, already computed into cubic feet, without lost rig time!

By running a fluid caliper we can give you the annular volume to:fluid-caliper-volume

  • Circulate cement behind casing
  • Circulate cement between stage collars
  • Circulate cement behind a liner
  • Cement to any desired height between the casing and wellbore

Fluid Caliper Benefits

Saves money

  • Keeps you from “1 inching” saving valuable rig time
  • Savings on cement cost due to less waste
  • No wireline caliper needed

No Lost Rig Time

We connect our meter to the vibrating hose and run our survey while you resume normal drilling, or while you circulate to condition the wellbore before running casing.

Fluid Caliper vs. Open Hole Caliper

  • Unlike open hole calipers a fluid caliper can calculate volumes on horizontal wellbores beyond the curve
  • Unlike open hole calipers a fluid caliper can calculate any size washout
  • Fluid Calipers are less expensive and more accurate than open hole calipers