Frequently Asked Questions –
Fluid Calipers 

What is a Fluid Caliper?

A Fluid Caliper is a survey to predetermine the volume requirements for any selective cement job.  We will give you accurate information already computed into cubic feet, without lost rig time!

Why should I run a Fluid Caliper?

A Fluid Caliper is the least expensive way to ensure that you circulate cement and at the same time eliminate excess cement waste.

How does it save me money?

By ensuring you circulate cement you will not have to 1 inch which causes costly rig delays.  Also, by eliminating excess waste you can save on your cement and haul off costs.

Can I run a Fluid Caliper on a Horizontal Well after the curve?

Yes!  A Fluid Caliper can be run on a horizontal well, in oil based mud, or any other drilling fluid you may be using.

Can you figure volumes on multiple stage cement jobs?

Yes!  By running a Fluid Caliper at TD, and then another at the depth you will set your DV Tool, we can accurately give you the volumes above and below your DV Tool.

When do you run a Fluid Caliper?

We prefer to run our Fluid Caliper in the last 100’ before you TD, or after you TD while you circulate to condition the wellbore.

How much lead time do you need to run a Fluid Caliper?

4 hours is preferred, however we can generally have someone on the road within minutes of your call.

What if I am not getting full returns?

We can accurately calculate the volume with as little as 30% returns, if we know the approximate depth of the loss.

What if we are gaining/losing fluid?

We will gauge the pits to determine the amount of gain/loss.  We will use this in our calculations to still give you an accurate volume.  To ensure the most accuracy, the approximate depth of the gain/loss is needed.

What do you use for your marker?

Painted whole oats.

Why whole oats?

The oats will absorb any drilling fluid system you are using and become the same density as your drilling fluid.  This will ensure that it does not sink or rise, giving us the most accurate reading.

Why the different colors?

We use different colors so that if we need to run the Fluid Caliper again, or need to run on multiple stages, we can tell the difference between our markers.

Will your marker plug up my bit?

No!  Our marker will not plug up a bit, or hurt a motor at the bottom of the hole.

I can calculate that myself by counting strokes.

Our highly accurate Flow Meter with electronic totalizer gives us an exact reading of the pumps output instead of estimating it by counting strokes.  Also, this is only the 1st part of the calculation.  The marker reacts differently in every hole based on various factors.  The original volumes must be adjusted accordingly based on these factors.

What are these factors that can affect the calculations?

Hole size vs. Pump Volume, Viscosity, Rotary Speed, Hole Load, and Gain/Loss can all affect the flow curve in annulus and need to be considered when calculating accurate volumes.

How accurate is a Fluid Caliper?

In most cases our volumes are within 10% of actual hole volume.

How much does a Fluid Caliper Cost?

On average about $2,200.  Exact cost will depend on the round trip mileage, depth the caliper is run, and if there is any standby time.

Where are you based out of?

We are based in Odessa, TX and have an office in Dallas, TX as well.  We can service any rig in the Permian, South Texas, East Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Kansas out of these offices with 4 to 6 hrs notice in most cases.

What if my rig is outside these areas?

No worries!  With ample lead time we can work out a way to service any rig in the world.

Why are you planting the oats so deep in the ground?

We are feeding the dinosaurs.  They haven’t eaten in millions of years and are very hungry!

Can I partner with Ellison Fluid Calipers to do work in other basins?
Yes, please call us to find out how we can work together.
How long have you been in business?
We have been in business for over 40 years and have run over 40,000 fluid calipers for over 300 different companies.