Environmental Benefits

Fluid Caliper
Operational Efficiencies

Ellison Fluid Calipers offers solutions that support Oil Drilling and provide green solutions to minimize the negative impacts on our environment. 

Ground Water Protection

  • Cement circulation on all strings seals off ground water ingress/egress.
  • Fluid calipers drastically reduce the risk of costly remediation jobs from insufficient volumes. 
  • Some E&P’s use fluid calipers specifically to keep the RRC off their backs.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

  • Cement is the 2nd highest contributor to carbon emissions worldwide.
  • Getting the appropriate cement volume reduces waste, treatment & haul-off expenses. 
  • This can drastically reduce mileage & unnecessary trips, also contributing to employee safety.

Rig Down Time Reduction

      • Cement remediation jobs will idle the rig and labor for ~48 hours, depending on location & depth.
      • 3rd party vendors and equipment on day rates will be billing E&P for standby time.
      • Additionally it can delay the drilling calendar for other locations.