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Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary Definition of Fluid Calipers

“A survey in which the annular volume of the wellbore is mathematically calculated with a flowmeter and a marker. The drilling fluid in the hole is used as an analog to determine the amount of cement needed to circulate back to surface. It is run by pumping the marker down the drillstring, circulating it back up the annulus, and catching it where it exits the flow line. Using the circulation time, pump volume, hole size, fluid viscosity, and several other factors, the annular volume of cement is calculated. It can be run on any string to any depth. It can be run with partial circulation loss, but not with totally lost returns.” – Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

Why E&P’s Select Ellison Fluid Calipers

Experience Matters

Don’t start without talking to us first! With 40,000+ fluid calipers run for over 300 oil companies, our expertise is second to none.

Lower Cost

Our customers say we save them money in cement, haul off costs, as well as save valuable rig time from remediation jobs due to insufficient volumes.  Our Fluid Calipers pay for themselves and save you money.

What Is A Fluid Caliper?

A fluid caliper is a survey to pre-determine the volume requirements for any selective cementing job. We will give you accurate information, already computed into cubic feet, without lost rig time!

Fluid Calipers are the least expensive, and most accurate way to get your cement volumes

 – Jason Ellison, Ellison Fluid Calipers

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Fluid Calipers are a reliable and vital way to better measure… 

 – Jason Ellison, Ellison Fluid Calipers

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